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The Springbok Luxury Postman is a messenger styled bag with a message – “I stand out from the crowd!” Both the large and mini Postman has a front flap of springbok hide that covers the length of the bag and the reverse is lined with pig suede. The underside and side panels are also springbok. The rear panel and strap are gold Hennessey leather. The leather strap is adjustable and long enough to carry across the body comfortably. The fabric interior features a zippered pocket as well as two open, leather edged pockets on the opposite side. Even when our lives depend upon our laptops, tablets and other computers, we still want to look stylish while toting them around. The Kulu Postman is just the ticket! Laptops or tablets fit easily with plenty of room for everything else! This look is great for guys, too! The mini has all the same features as the large on a smaller scale – the only question is which one do you choose?

-Long medium-width adjustable strap

-Front panel ‘drapes’ over purse